How do you hit a "high slice" shot in golf?

As a golfer, I have learned that hitting a “high slice” shot can be a valuable skill to have in certain situations on the course. When I need to execute this type of shot, I focus on positioning the ball forward in my stance and opening the clubface to create the desired spin.

By utilizing a smooth, controlled swing and following through with my hands high, I can produce the ideal trajectory and spin to execute a “high slice” shot. In this blog post, I will share my insights and tips on how to successfully execute this challenging golf shot with confidence.

The Basics of a High Slice Shot

Before I delve into the specifics of hitting a high slice shot in golf, it’s important to understand the basics of this type of shot. A high slice shot is a shot that curves to the right (for right-handed golfers) and travels higher in the air compared to a straight shot or a low slice. It can be a useful shot to have in your arsenal, especially when you need to maneuver the ball around obstacles or to land it softly on the green.

Grip and Stance

When hitting a high slice, your grip and stance play a crucial role in setting up the shot. I recommend using a slightly stronger grip, meaning you should twist your top hand to the right on the grip (for right-handed golfers) so that you can see more knuckles. This helps to promote a more open clubface at impact, which is essential for creating the slice spin on the ball.

In terms of stance, I suggest positioning your feet slightly open to the target line. This allows for a more out-to-in swing path, which helps to produce the desired slice. Remember to maintain a comfortable but athletic posture throughout the swing, keeping your weight slightly on your back foot at address.

Ball Position and Posture

As you address the ball, it’s important to pay attention to the ball position and your posture. For a high slice shot, I recommend positioning the ball slightly forward in your stance, closer to the front foot. This helps ensure that the clubface will make contact with the ball at a point that promotes the desired slice spin. Additionally, maintaining the correct posture is crucial. Keep your spine tilted slightly away from the target, which helps to encourage a more sweeping, upward strike on the ball. This combination of ball position and posture sets the stage for executing a successful high slice shot.

The Mechanics of a High Slice Shot

One of the most challenging shots in golf is the high slice. It requires careful control of both the swing path and the club face angle, as well as precise body rotation to achieve the desired result. In this chapter, I will delve into the mechanics of executing a high slice shot and provide you with the essential tips to master this challenging stroke.

Swing Path and Club Face Angle

When hitting a high slice shot, the swing path and club face angle play a crucial role in determining the trajectory and direction of the ball. To achieve a high slice, you need to create an out-to-in swing path, where the club approaches the ball from outside the target line and then cuts across it at impact. At the same time, the club face should be open to the swing path and pointing to the right of the target at impact. It’s important to note that the club face angle has a greater influence on the initial direction of the ball, while the swing path determines the amount of side spin. Ensuring the correct combination of swing path and club face angle is crucial to hitting a high slice with precision.

The Role of Body Rotation

In addition to the swing path and club face angle, proper body rotation is essential for generating the power and control needed to execute a high slice shot. As I address the ball, I ensure that my body is aligned to the right of the target, allowing my shoulders and hips to rotate open during the backswing. This rotation sets the stage for an outside-to-in swing path and helps me maintain the open club face angle through impact. The key is to engage my lower body and core to initiate the downswing, creating a smooth and controlled release of the club through the impact zone. Effective body rotation is crucial for achieving the desired ball flight and distance on a high slice shot.

Common Mistakes and Corrections

To hit a successful “high slice” shot in golf, it’s important to be aware of common mistakes and how to correct them. One of the most common mistakes I see is an improper setup. If your stance is too open or closed, it can significantly impact your ability to produce a high slice. Another mistake is trying to swing too hard, which can lead to a loss of control and accuracy. Lastly, failing to follow through properly can also result in a less than ideal shot. To correct these mistakes, focus on maintaining a square stance, swinging smoothly with control, and making sure to follow through completely.

Adjusting Your Swing for Better Control

When hitting a high slice shot, adjusting your swing for better control is crucial. I find that focusing on a smooth, controlled swing rather than trying to overpower the shot can make a significant difference. To achieve this, I recommend practicing with a shorter backswing and a slower, deliberate transition into the downswing. This will help you maintain control and produce a higher, more accurate shot.

Equipment Check: Using the Right Clubs

Using the right clubs can make a world of difference when it comes to hitting a high slice shot. I can’t stress enough the importance of selecting the right club for the shot at hand. For a high slice, I recommend using a longer club with a higher loft to help achieve the desired ball flight. Additionally, ensuring that your equipment is properly fitted to your swing can greatly impact your ability to hit a successful high slice shot. A professional club fitting can help you find the perfect clubs for your game, ultimately leading to more consistent, accurate shots.

I hope you find these tips helpful as you work on perfecting your high slice shot in golf. Remember that practice and patience are key to mastering this technique, and with dedication, you will see improvement in your game. Good luck!

Advanced Techniques

Despite mastering the basics of the high slice shot, there are still advanced techniques that can help take your golf game to the next level. Let’s explore some of these advanced techniques to further improve your high slice shot.

  1. Weight transfer: I ensure that my weight shifts from my back foot to my front foot during the downswing, allowing me to make solid contact with the ball and generate maximum power.
  2. Clubface angle: By slightly opening the clubface at address and maintaining it through impact, I can impart more backspin on the ball, resulting in a higher launch angle and increased distance.
  3. Proper wrist hinge: I focus on maintaining a proper wrist hinge throughout the swing to create a steeper angle of attack, which helps me achieve the desired high trajectory with my slice shots.

Shot Shaping and Trajectory Control

When it comes to high slice shots, being able to shape the trajectory of the ball is crucial. By adjusting my stance, clubface position, and swing path, I can manipulate the flight of the ball to fit the specific demands of the course. This level of control allows me to navigate around obstacles and position the ball strategically on the green.

Practice Drills for Consistency

To achieve consistency in my high slice shots, I incorporate specific practice drills into my training routine. These drills focus on honing my technique, developing muscle memory, and enhancing my overall performance on the course. By dedicating time and effort to these drills, I am able to fine-tune my skills and maintain a high level of play.


With these considerations in mind, hitting a “high slice” shot in golf requires a few key adjustments to your swing and setup. By opening your stance, adjusting the clubface to an open position, and executing a slightly out-to-in swing path, you can create the conditions necessary to hit a high slice shot. Remember to maintain a smooth tempo and follow through to ensure proper execution. With practice and focus, incorporating the high slice shot into your golf game can provide you with the versatility and control needed to navigate challenging course conditions.

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