How do you hit a "high hook" shot in golf?

As an experienced golfer, I have learned that hitting a “high hook” shot can be a valuable skill to have on the golf course. To execute this shot, you must first understand that it requires a combination of a steep angle of attack and a closed clubface. This will give the ball the necessary loft and spin to create a high, arcing trajectory with a significant amount of curve.

I recommend positioning the ball slightly forward in your stance and focusing on a full release through impact to achieve the desired result. However, it’s important to note that this shot can be risky, as a closed clubface can easily lead to a pull or even a dreaded snap-hook. It’s crucial to practice this shot extensively before attempting it in a competitive setting.

The Mechanics of a High Hook Shot

By understanding the mechanics behind a high hook shot in golf, you can learn how to intentionally execute this shot when it becomes necessary on the course.

The Golf Swing and Club Path

When it comes to hitting a high hook shot, the path of your club through impact is crucial. To achieve a high hook, I adjust my swing to come from the inside, creating a slightly closed clubface at impact. This means that the clubface is aiming slightly left of the target at impact, which promotes a right-to-left ball flight. By ensuring my club path is inside-out, I can effectively produce the high hook trajectory that I’m aiming for.

Angle of Attack and Dynamic Loft

Another important factor in creating a high hook shot is the angle of attack and dynamic loft at impact. I focus on establishing a steeper angle of attack and increasing the dynamic loft of the clubface to promote a higher ball flight. This combination of factors allows me to generate the height and curvature needed to execute the high hook shot successfully.

By adjusting my angle of attack and dynamically lofting the club, I can control the flight of the ball with precision, giving me the confidence to execute the shot when needed.

Techniques to Master the High Hook

One of the most challenging shots in golf is the high hook. It requires precise technique and control to execute successfully. However, with the right adjustments and a bit of practice, you can add this valuable shot to your arsenal and tackle those tricky situations on the course.

Grip Adjustments for the High Hook

When it comes to hitting a high hook, making subtle adjustments to your grip can make a world of difference. I recommend slightly rotating your hands to the right on the handle (for right-handed golfers) to promote a closed clubface at impact. This will help promote the right-to-left spin necessary to achieve the high hook. You should also grip the club a bit tighter with your top hand and a bit looser with your bottom hand to encourage a stronger release through impact.

Body Alignment and Positioning

Proper body alignment and positioning are crucial for executing the high hook shot. You’ll want to aim slightly to the right of your target (for right-handed golfers) to account for the leftward curve of the ball. Position the ball slightly further back in your stance and angle your body and feet to the right to encourage an in-to-out swing path. Keep your weight on your front foot through impact to ensure a descending strike and maximum control over the ball’s trajectory.

Timing and Practice Drills

Your ability to consistently hit a “high hook” shot in golf depends greatly on your timing and the amount of practice you put into perfecting this technique. Developing a solid understanding of the timing required for this shot, along with implementing specific practice drills, will greatly improve your chances of executing the high hook effectively on the golf course.

Drills to Perfect the Hook

One effective drill to perfect the high hook shot is to practice hitting the ball with an exaggerated inside-out swing path. Start by aligning your body to the right of your target and focus on swinging the club from inside the target line, allowing the clubface to close through impact. This will create the desired right-to-left spin on the ball, producing the high hook trajectory. Remember to keep your grip pressure light and maintain a smooth, fluid swing throughout the drill.

Timing Your Swing for Consistency

Timing is crucial for hitting a high hook shot consistently. To perfect your timing, practice hitting the ball with a slightly closed clubface at impact. This will encourage the ball to spin from right to left, creating the desired high hook flight. Visualize the trajectory you want to achieve and focus on maintaining a smooth, well-timed swing.

Consistent timing, combined with the correct clubface position at impact, will enable you to execute the high hook shot with confidence and accuracy.

Troubleshooting Common Mistakes

Lastly, let’s address some common mistakes golfers make when attempting to hit a high hook shot and how to avoid them. By recognizing and correcting these errors, you can improve your chances of executing the shot successfully and with greater consistency.

Avoiding Overhooks and Mishits

When attempting a high hook shot, some golfers tend to overdo it, resulting in a shot that hooks too much or even becomes a mishit. To avoid this, it’s important to maintain control over your swing speed and power.

Focus on a smooth, controlled swing rather than trying to force the ball to hook too much. Additionally, pay attention to your grip pressure and make sure it is not too tight, which can lead to mishits. By staying relaxed and maintaining control, you can minimize the risk of overhooks and mishits.

Fine-Tuning Swing Mechanics

Another common mistake when attempting a high hook shot is incorrect swing mechanics. If your swing plane is off or your clubface is not square at impact, it can result in a shot that veers off course or doesn’t achieve the desired height and hook.

To fine-tune your swing mechanics, focus on keeping your clubface square at impact and maintaining a consistent swing plane. This may involve working with a golf instructor to analyze and adjust your swing, as well as practicing proper technique to groove your swing mechanics for the high hook shot.


Now, with the proper technique and practice, hitting a “high hook” shot in golf can become a powerful weapon in your arsenal. By adjusting your grip, stance, and swing path, you can generate the ideal combination of club face orientation and spin to execute a shot that curves sharply to the left and reaches a higher trajectory.

Remember to maintain a relaxed grip and a smooth, rhythmic swing to maximize the desired effect. With dedication and persistence, mastering the “high hook” shot will undoubtedly enhance your game and add a new dimension to your golfing skills.

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