What does it mean to "hover" the club in golf?

Perplexed about what “hovering” the club in golf means? Let me shed some light on this often misunderstood term. When I talk about “hovering” the club, I’m referring to the practice of holding the club slightly above the ground before you swing. This technique can have benefits to your game, but if not done correctly, it can also lead to some hazards.

The Basics of Hovering the Club

The art of hovering the club in golf is an essential skill that every golfer should master. This technique involves keeping the clubhead slightly off the ground before the swing, which can have a significant impact on the quality and consistency of your shots. In this chapter, I will delve into the basics of hovering the club and its importance in your golf game.

Defining Hovering in the Golf Swing

Hovering the club in the golf swing refers to the act of keeping the clubhead elevated off the ground before initiating the swing. This position is typically held for a brief moment before the backswing begins. By hovering the club, you create a sense of readiness and anticipation, allowing you to set the stage for a powerful and accurate strike.

The Ground vs. The Hover: A Comparison

When it comes to positioning the club, the difference between grounding it and hovering it can have a significant impact on your swing. Grounding the club may lead to a steeper swing, whereas hovering the club allows for a more shallowed approach to the ball. This subtle difference in positioning can affect the angle of attack and ultimately the trajectory and distance of your shots. Hovering the club also promotes a sense of rhythm and timing in your swing, enabling you to maintain better control and coordination throughout the entire motion.

Grounding the ClubHovering the Club
Steeper swingShallower approach
Lack of rhythm and timingPromotes rhythm and timing
Potentially inconsistent strikesBetter control and coordination

Technical Aspects of Hovering

Assuming you are familiar with the concept of “hovering” the club in golf, let’s delve into the technical aspects of this essential technique. Hovering the club refers to the practice of holding the club slightly above the ground before initiating the backswing. This seemingly minor adjustment can have a significant impact on your game, so it’s crucial to understand the technical nuances involved.

Grip and Stance Adjustments for Hovering

When hovering the club, it’s important to make subtle adjustments to your grip and stance to accommodate the change. As I hover the club, I ensure that my grip pressure is light and my wrists are relaxed to allow for a smooth transition into the backswing. Additionally, I slightly adjust my stance to maintain balance and stability while keeping the club off the ground. This ensures that I have the freedom to initiate the swing without any interference from the ground.

Hovering and the Impact on Swing Mechanics

Hovering the club can impact various elements of your swing mechanics. When the club is hovered, the initial movement of the backswing becomes smoother and more fluid, allowing for a more controlled and consistent swing. As I hover the club, I’ve noticed that my swing path becomes more precise, leading to more accurate shots.

However, it’s important to be mindful of maintaining a steady hover position to avoid any inconsistency in the swing. If the club dips or wavers during the backswing, it can lead to errant shots and inconsistency in ball-striking.

Advantages of Hovering in Golf

Your golf game can greatly benefit from the practice of hovering the club over the ball. This technique has several advantages that can improve your performance on the course.

The Mental Benefits of Hovering

When I hover the club over the ball, I find that it helps me mentally prepare for the upcoming shot. By visually lining up the club with the target, I feel more confident and focused. This mental preparation can significantly impact my swing and overall performance on the course.

How Hovering Influences Shot Consistency

Hovering the club before taking a shot can greatly influence the consistency of my shots. By hovering the club, I can visually assess my alignment and make any necessary adjustments before committing to the swing. This extra moment of evaluation and preparation often leads to more consistent shots, allowing me to better control the trajectory and direction of the ball.

When I hover the club over the ball, I am able to mentally prepare for the upcoming shot and visually line up the club with the target, leading to a more confident and focused swing. This technique also allows for a visual assessment of my alignment, leading to more consistent shots and better control over the ball’s trajectory. By incorporating the practice of hovering into my pre-shot routine, I have seen a significant improvement in my overall performance on the course.

Additionally, hovering the club has helped me maintain a stable and consistent swing, leading to more accurate and powerful shots. I find that this technique provides a sense of control and confidence, allowing me to approach each shot with a clear mind and a focused intent.

Overall, incorporating the practice of hovering the club has become an essential part of my golf game, providing me with the mental and technical advantages necessary to succeed on the course.

Mastering the Hover Technique

After understanding the basics of what it means to “hover” the club in golf, you may be wondering how to master this important technique. The hover is crucial to achieving a consistent, clean strike on the ball. It requires precise control and an understanding of how to position your club correctly at address. Here, I will provide some tips and drills to help you become proficient at hovering the club.

Drills and Exercises to Practice Hovering

One effective drill to practice hovering the club is to set up to the ball as usual, but address the ball with the clubhead slightly off the ground. By doing this, you will train yourself to feel the correct distance between the club and the ground.

Another helpful exercise is to practice swinging the club from a hover position, focusing on maintaining the correct height throughout the swing. These drills will help you develop a good feel for the hover and improve your overall control.

Expert Tips for Perfecting the Hover

When perfecting the hover, it’s essential to maintain a light grip pressure. This will allow for better control and feel as you address the ball. Additionally, I recommend focusing on keeping the clubface square to the target line while hovering the club. This will help you achieve a more consistent impact position.

  • Keep your eyes on the ball throughout the setup.
  • Practice hovering the club at varying heights to find your optimal position.
  • Thoroughly adjust your body to minimize any unnecessary movements.

Remember, a successful hover technique is all about precision and consistency. By incorporating these tips and exercises into your practice routine, you can develop a reliable club hover that will positively impact your overall golf game. It’s important to seek a balance between maintaining a proper hover and not becoming overly tense in your setup. This will allow you to achieve a solid, controlled strike on the ball every time.


Drawing together all of the information discussed, it is clear that “hovering” the club in golf refers to the act of holding the club slightly above the ground just before initiating the swing. This technique can help golfers to maintain a consistent and smooth takeaway, while also preventing the club from getting caught in the turf during the swing.

By consciously practicing this fundamental aspect of the game, you can improve your overall performance and accuracy on the course. It is important to find a comfortable and consistent height to hover your club, in order to develop a repeatable and reliable swing.

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